Intro from the Principal

It is known to everyone in the world that education is very important for human beings. Because of education and other things related to it, all human beings are different from other animals in the world. However, the ways of getting education are different from place to place. A learner can get education from different ways. It’s also real that there is no time limit for getting education. Therefore, some scholars have claimed that education starts from the cradle and ends in the grave. From this it’s clear that education is a regular or continuous process through which the learners continuously learn until their death directly or indirectly, formally or informally.

Either way ,it’s not an easy job to provide or manage the situation for learners. In the case of more formal means of education, there is a needs for different resources and it’s a known fact to everyone that providing the needs for the learners is not an easy task. There must be a contribution, involvement and support from every sector of society: parents, teachers, administration, students, donors, benefactors and others related in the field of education. In the context of poor countries like Nepal, the role of donors is very important for the management of physical infrastructures and educational activities in the educational institutions like our school. Therefore, I can’t stress enough the importance of donors, well-wishers and all the related educational personalities by means of mere words.

Finally, I like to hope that the school will get support and contributions to run smoothly, pushing it forward by all the donors and well-wishers we have had and hopefully will come to have.