History of the School

We all know that every place has a history. Nothing can stand beyond its history. Without the analysis of history, of particular things, its evaluation is impossible. This school has had many ups and downs to arrive where it is presently. There were lots of contributions from forefathers who are characters of honour and appreciation. Within the educational history of Nepal, the school was established on the 10th December 1971 as a middle school. It had many obstacles to continue being a school in Kaskikot.

With the enthusiasm and active participation of the conscious people of Kaskikot, the school was established as a secondary school on the 5th February, 1981, in the place called “Mandredhunga-Kaskikot.” The primary level (classes from one to five), were added on the 21st January, 1983, with the recommendation of the then Government of Nepal.

The school achieved the higher secondary level on the 12th July 2009, and has been running as a higher secondary school since. The final stage moving forward, is to set up the school as a college. The present head teacher, Mr. Ishwori Prasad Bastakoti and the chairman of the school’s management committee, Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Adhikari have submitted the demand application to Tribhuvan University in Nepal in 2017. They have completed all the required process to upgrade the school as a diploma college. There is a plan for running the classes of bachelor level starting in 2019.