About the School

Intro from the Principal


It is known to everyone in the world that education is very important for human beings. Because of education and other things related to it, all human beings are different from other animals in the world. However, the ways of getting education are different from place to place. A learner can get education from different ways. It’s also real that there is no time limit for getting education. Therefore, some scholars have claimed that education starts from the cradle and ends in the grave. From this it’s clear that education is a regular or continuous process through which the learners continuously learn until their death directly or indirectly, formally or informally.


History of the School

We all know that every place has a history. Nothing can stand beyond its history. Without the analysis of history, of particular things, its evaluation is impossible. This school has had many ups and downs to arrive where it is presently. There were lots of contributions from forefathers who are characters of honour and appreciation. Within the educational history of Nepal, the school was established on the 10th December 1971 as a middle school. It had many obstacles to continue being a school in Kaskikot.


School location

The school is located in a very beautiful area of Nepal. From the north side of the school you can view the snow-capped mountains of Mt. Machhapuchchhre and Mt. Dhaulagiri, amongst other high peaks. In the southern part of the school, we can clearly view Fewa lake at Pokhara valley. The school is surrounded by green forests from the northern part, whereas in the southern part, there is a residential place for the villagers. Our school is connected with a rural motor road, that leads to Pokhara. The houses of the villages nearby the school are made of mud and stones with thatched and tin roofs. Currently, very few of the houses have been constructed with RCC technology. As it is one of the beautiful places of Nepal, many tourists visit Pokhara valley. The school is located at the altitude of 1725 feet from the sea level.