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Ishwori Prasad Bastakoti

Intro from the Principal

It is known to everyone in the world that education is very important for human beings. Because of education and other things related to it, all human beings are different from other animals in the world. However, the ways of getting education are different from place to place. A learner can get education from different ways. It’s also real that there is no time limit for getting education. Therefore, some scholars have claimed that education starts from the cradle and ends in the grave. From this it’s clear that education is a regular or continuous process through which the learners continuously learn until their death directly or indirectly, formally or informally.


To teach efficiently we hire 17 teachers and staff members.

Student Life

The school has been conducting and offering some unique activities.


The school provides the facilities such as filtered drinking water for all, or computer lab.

School News

» Book donations

Kalika Higher Secondary School has received during month of June, book donations from The British School of Warsaw, Poland via Maria Amalia Santos, a school’s benefactor living in Warsaw Poland that is a teacher at TBS. Maria has been helping the school since the start of this year and is looking forward to continue working with Kalika Higher Secondary

Kalika Secondary School

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